Project Description

We have transported their various plants from Karachi Port to their various sites. Some of the projects transported for them are as below:

i) Dera Ghazi Khan site, distance 1100 km. (Year 1996-1997)
Transported complete plant equipment for the expansion project.  The total quantity was over  30,000  freight ton.  Following  were the abnormal packages.

Dimensions: 15.77 x 5.45 x 5.45 meters
Weight: 117 tons

Dimensions: 5.92 x 3.55 x 3.05 meters
Weight: 115 tons

ii) Kallar Kahar site, distance 1600 km. (Year 2005-2006)
We have transported their 6700 tpd cement plant from Karachi Port to Kallar Kahar site.
The heavy lifts were upto 145 ton heavy packages.