With the expediting growth of industries in our nation and the recent trend of incorporating complexly designed industrial plants in engineering projects, the need for reliable heavy transportation services has become inevitable. This is exactly where Crescent Carriers comes to play the highly essential role with utmost responsibility. A renowned name in the industry, Crescent Carriers, is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology which helps us to transport heavy and oversized cargoes expertly to your destination at the right time. Crescent Carriers has previously held the record of transporting Pakistan’s heaviest, longest and widest cargoes of 510 metric tonnes, 55.47 metres and 9.75 metres, respectively. Moreover, our firm was able to transport two of the most complex supercargoes for Engro Chemicals. The unconventionally sized 52.35 x 5.87 x 6.45 meters carbon dioxide absorber, weighing 421 metric tonnes was transported on a trailer that was custom-engineered in our workshop while the 50.30 x 7.45 x 7.10 meters vacuum column, weighing 217 metric tonnes was transported on Goldhofer Hydraulic Platform Trailer.

All the transport operations are streamlined from our purpose designed cell that overlooks heavy haulage, industrial services and project management for our clients. Moreover, the company offers the largest fleet of multi-axle hydraulic trailers in Pakistan with over 140 axle lines and 70 prime overs with an extraordinary capacity. Our firm has especially invested in trailers that can be modified through our in-house engineering facilities to transport cargoes of a wide range of nature, shape and size. A detailed route survey is conducted for every project by our team of qualified engineers who identify and plan for any contingencies that might be faced due to the local infrastructure. Needless to say, this practice helps us deliver cargoes with unconventional dimensions and weight, securely and on time. Hence, it is not just the top-notch engineering facilities that makes Crescent Carriers a benchmark for heavy haulage in Pakistan but also the firm’s impeccable management that ensures timely delivery of all the cargoes that come our way.

Heavy lifting has a crucial importance in any industry, be it for the maintenance of industrial plants or for setting up mega projects. The task of lifting up delicate machinery and components is undoubtedly immensely difficult however, it is particularly tricky due to the high human risk involved. Hence the lifting procedure depends heavily on the sturdiness and reliability of the machinery used as well as the technical skills of the operators. Crescent Carriers once again comes through all the perquisites required in doing the complex job with great precision and efficiency. Our fleet of 30 cranes includes crawler, truck mounted, mobile telescopic, all terrain and rough terrain crane. These cranes are tested regularly and are certified by various globally renowned inspection agencies. Moreover, the crane operators in our team are only inducted after being trained under our highly rigorous training programme. The crane operators and technicians obtain certification from inspection agencies such as, SGS, Bureau Veritas, URS and TUV Austria before they are deployed at the site. Thus the heavy lifting services provided by our firm guarantees to safeguard the staff and the freight every time. Crescent Carriers offer specialized elevation services to the clients with a capacity of up to 300 metric tonnes of load. We have previously extended our heavy lifting services to numerous projects, including lifting of project cargo directly from the vessel. The firm also served Hub Power Company Ltd in its Narowal Project in 2009. The challenging task involved lifting 11 boilers by using 150 crawlers and 100 tonnes mobile crane. Similarly, 33 boilers were vertically erected for Atlas Power Plant and Nishat Power Projects.

Crescent Carriers can accommodate its clients in renting out lifting equipment for contractual projects as well as offer complete erection services, depending on the requirements of the job. Furthermore, we provide equipment to the clients with the promise of zero downtime. Therefore, if the equipment ever faces technical errors on the site, our trained technicians take swift diagnosis actions followed by effective remedial steps to resume operations timely. Our solution based approach helps us in gaining customer satisfaction and making long term ties with our clients in projects that we become a part of.

At Crescent Carriers, we understand the value of time in industrial operations and how the incapability of keeping up with the pace of supply and demand can affect the functionality of an industry. Hence, we go extra miles to provide logistical solutions to our esteemed clients for the transportation of their project cargo so that the line of supply is not disrupted, even if the infrastructure poses to be the greatest threat in the course. The process involves thorough route surveys and listing down the limitations and possible risks found in the infrastructure. The flaws in the infrastructure are overcome by the capability of our engineering facilities and equipment which are prepped in advance. The firm tries its best to not let the routes confine us in delivering the project cargo on time. Previously, our skilled team constructed and deployed a 41-metre long purpose built bridge in order to facilitate smooth transportation of two tunnel boring machine, which had to be crossed over the river during the development of Neelum Jhelum Power Project. Hence if need be, we make routes of our own to expedite transportation of load as efficiently as possible. The planning and preparation is done well ahead of time and is customized for every project that we receive, taking into consideration the magnitude, influx and the fragility of the freight. It is due to this detailed planning of logistical solutions that Crescent Carriers has been able to provide record breaking project logistics to its valued clients since 1929.

The firm has been successful at providing excellent logistical solutions at more than one instances. We have collaborated with Hub Power Company in the past on its Narowal Power Project. The project required 11 MAN Diesel Engines, each weighing 320 metric tonnes, to not just be transported to the site but also placed onto their foundations. The company chose Enerpac four point hydraulic jacking system to perform the demanding job managed and needless to say, we were able to deliver the goal with great precision in this project as well.

Recently, our logistical solution services were employed for the 1320 MW Sahiwal Coal Power Project. The task included the transportation of many unconventionally sized cargo, comprising of two generator strators, each weighing 345 metric tonnes. The route covered over 1200 kilometres from the pick-up point at Port Qasim to the construction site at Qadirabad, near Sahiwal. Crescent Carriers was able to create a global record of delivering the fastest coal power project cargo to its client on site in just 26 months.


747 MW Guddu Power Project

The transportation of equipment for the Guddu Power Project included a couple of Gas Turbines weighing 280 metric tonnes each. A side combination of Hydraulic Platform Trailers were used in the transportation causing the the total width of 1 + 1/2 trailers to be 4.9 meters.

Pakistan Refinery Limited

Transportation of project cargo for PRL was done in various shipments in a very short period of time. All 22 oversize modules were transported on Hydraulic Platform Trailers that included packages up to 7.5 meters high and weighted up to 68 metric tonnes.

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