Project Description

i) FIRST EXPANSION (Year 1991-1992)

Received Co2 Absorber, Striper Radiant Section and other super and general cargo from chartered vessel MV FAIR LANE and MV FAIR MAST. The total cargo was over 25,000 freight tons.

For the super cargo we had to make under  pass at Port Qasim, dismantle  Toll Plaza and concrete structure at Dadu-Moro Bridge.

Took  de-tour over  50 Km from Khairpur to Rohri .  In the process constructed 25 km long  diversion, besides doing extensive improvement work with our own earth moving machinery. Sharp turns were filled with earth at many places for the approach roads, bridges and railway  level crossing. We had to make special by-pass  improve diversions, remove  encroachments,  cut the  road side trees and at various places we  had to dismantle houses and other concrete structure en route. Electric and telephone shut downs were taken for each and every telephone  and electric wire and many electric and telephone pole were  removed right  from port Qasim upto Daharki site. The  heavy pieces   were transported from Port  Qasim Karachi to Daharki were as below:

Dimensions: 52.35 x 5.87 x 6.45 meters
Weight: 421.124 tons

Dimensions: 50.30 x 7.45 x 7.10 meters
Weight:243.129 tons

Dimensions:  32.46 x 3.25 x 4.35 meters
Weight: 264 tons

Dimensions: 25.45 x 2.94 x 3.93 meters
Weight: 294.386 tons

ii) SECOND EXPANSION (Year 1997 – 1998)

Awarded transportation jobs for their various shipments. The heaviest package transported in  1997  was  as  mentioned  below:

Urea  Reactor
Dimensions:  36 x 3.8 x 3.8 meters
Weight: 301 tons

iii) ENVEN PROJECT (Year  2008 – 2009)

We have transported their various shipments from Karachi Port / Port Qasim to their plant site at Daharki. Heavy lifts were:

a) Poor Reactor
Dimensions:  26.5 x 3.68 x 4.77 meters
Weight: 304 tons

Dimensions: 54.71 x 4.70 x 4.70 meters
Weight: 275 tons