Project Description

Have cleared from Custom and transported equipment for  35 MW Gas Turbine Project owned by Wapda from Karachi  Port to  Quetta a hill station at a height of  1616 meters from  sea level. The  road & bridges were washed out by hill torrents and we had to make diversion to carry the heaviest piece of 126  tons  Gas Turbine unit along with Generators etc.

Mitsubishi Japan Gas Turbine 12 x 4 x 4 cm weighting 126 tons turbine was received directly from the ship derrick on trailer, cleared through customs and transported to Quetta at a height of 1616 meters from sea level. The road from Karachi to Quetta is hilly and mountainous with sharp turns. The unusal heavy rains washed the road and bridges at many places. We had to prepare many bypasses, diversions, approach roads and cross through the stream beds by plying bulldozers, motor graders and other earth moving equipment.